Heritage Greens Community Development District is a Gated Community after 7:00 PM. Entrance to the community and use of its' facilities is restricted to property owners and their guests. The following guest policies are hereby established to protect the privacy and security of our property owners.

It shall be the responsibility of the host property owner to identify and admit guests. Host property owners must be present and shall be accountable for the conduct of their guests. Providing your gate sticker to a guest for his/her use when you are not with the guest or within the gated Heritage Greens Community area is not permitted. Access to the Community is as follows:

Residents must have a sticker placed on car windshield by a CDD representative. Each home will be provided two stickers at no cost. Additional stickers are available for purchase at $10.00 per sticker. Residents without a local car on site can be issued a FOB card for $50.00. To request a sticker or FOB card please send a request to the CDD Chairman Bryan Landry by clicking on the following link:

Click here for Sticker Changes *

Click here for New Sticker/Tele Entry Application**

Renters must always have on file a rental agreement with the Heritage Greens Community Association and stickers will be terminated annually at the end of the current lease.

Guests wishing to visit a resident will dial the resident on keypad at entrance by searching in Alphabetic order for the Resident and when it becomes highlighted press the Key (picture of Phone). If the number of the resident is already known press key (picture of phone),then enter the directory code number(3 digits) for that Resident.

The Resident answering the guests call, will talk to the guest and decide if you want to let them enter or not. There will be a limited time allowed for the call. During the last ten seconds allowed, beeps will sound to warn you of the time. You can press # sign to extend the talking time. Press 9 to open the gate, then hang up. Press * sign or hang up to disconnect the guest without granting access.

Address of Gatehouse: 2215 Heritage Greens Drive, Naples, FL 34110
Phone Number of Gatehouse: 239-572-8995

 Any changes requested in resident information such as a change in telephone number can be arranged by submitting a request which can be accessed by the following link.                              

Click here for Telephone Changes *

Click here for New Telephone Application**

Remember the CDD contact for Gate Stickers or Guest Entry is as follows:

Contact Person for Sticker Questions: Blandry@heritagegreenscdd.com
Contact Person for Tele Entry Questions: Bpitts@heritagegreenscdd.com         

**** Please contact the ABOVE for any questions on the sticker program- Do Not contact Premier District Management******


Heritage Greens Community Development District