Heritage Greens Community Development District

Residents gain access into the community with a clicker remote. Guests will enter by providing the guard with identification as requested. If the guard is not available, guests can gain entry by using the tele-entry system which will call the resident and allow them to provide access to the community.


  • There is no longer a “standing” list for guests or other visitors to the community. 


  • If someone wishes to visit a resident, the guest will have to use the tele-entry system, as the guard is instructed NOT to call the resident. For residents to allow access to their guests, they will touch the number "9" on their telephone touch-pad.

  • If you need to update your phone number or name in the tele-entry system, please fill out a request (link below) and send it to jmiller@cddmanagement.com or you may drop it at the guardhouse or community clubhouse.


  • All residents must use a clicker remote at all times when accessing the community during restricted access hours.

  • If a clicker is lost or not working they are available for purchase through the CDD. Please fill out an application (link below) and return to the community clubhouse with your $25 payment.


  • Only one clicker remote can be purchased per registered owner.  Renters are NOT allowed to purchase the clicker remote.  The registered owner of the unit must purchase a remote for the renter.


Callbox Update

Clicker Application


Guardhouse 239-572-8995


Community Security